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The MRW Foundation donates €40,000 to the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL), for the project "A bowl of lentils for 7,000 people, every week of the year 2013"

MRW joins the project that will distribute lentils throughout the year 2013 to prepare 364,000 bowls of lentils of 100 g each. This will feed 7,000 (...) Read more... (PDF)

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Yatelollevo online: Send whatever you want without leaving home

MRW offers its individual users the chance to hire online courier services via a new platform (...) Read more... (PDF)

Photographs of the news

"MRW Recambios", la pieza clave para llegar siempre a tiempo

La empresa de mensajería MRW lanza una solución específica para el envío urgente de todo tipo material de recambio (...) Read more... (PDF)