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MRW Gourmet

Express transport of bottles of wine, champagne, oil, tin food, etc.

MRW Gourmet

MRW offers you a great variety of express transport services for the shipment of wine or champagne bottles, oil, tin food, etc.

We know exactly what wineries, specialized shops and online stores need to deliver their products to the end customer offering maximum security at the best price.

What can I send?

From small volume shipments, such as samples of a new wine, a 3 bottle case, etc., to bigger volume shipments for a Christmas campaign, for instance.

Our packaging

Packaging solutions

1 and 3 bottle cases for national and international consignments.

To send bottle cases abroad it is obligatory to use specific packaging reinforced with Styrofoam, corrugated cardboard or similar material.

For further information:

MRW Gourmet provides:

Maximum geographical coverage

With over 550 branches throughout Spain we can collect and deliver not just in big cities but also in small remote towns. Thanks to them we can provide a close-at-hand customized service.

International consignments

We offer our Clients the most efficient way to send bottles abroad with the best transit times at exclusive international rates.

Servicio e-Commerce

Maximum quality and delivery guarantee in domestic and international consignments of all bottles purchased through your online shop. Over 8.300 online shops already benefit from our service!.

MRW Delivery Guarantee

Working with MRW you can rest assured that your consignment will arrive on the day and time arranged, wherever its destination. We provide deliveries in different time slots depending on the service used: Express 10, Express 19, Promotions service, etc. And if you wish to insure your consignments we offer an Optional Insurance.

Check with your MRW branch to find out about the different services and the additional benefits they offer or call us on 902 300 400 or 902 300 403 (Customer service MRW International).


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